Scope Mounting

You’ve purchased a new rifle and/or a new scope and now you want to mount that new scope onto your rifle. We will make sure you have the proper base and rings and then mount the base and scope properly to the rifle. 

Your scope will be mounted with the proper positioning and eye-relief as well as bore-sighted to “get you on the paper” at the range. Whether mounting High-Powered Scopes, Low Variable Power Optics, or Red-Dots.

Precisely position your scope using appropriate mounts to set it in place

  • We Loctite® the bases to ensure that they stay tight even on the heaviest recoiling guns
  • The rings are aligned properly to eliminate undue stress on the scope. 
  • Make adjustments and ensure the eye relief is correct to properly assist in quick target acquisition
  • Base, ring and windage screws are torqued properly
  • We finish up by wiping down your firearm with quality gun oil so that you know it’s protected
Scope Mounting Blowup.jpg
  • Basic Scope Mounting $50

    Bore sighted @ 20 yds

  • Scope Mounting $100

    Scope Mounted and Sighted @ 100 Yds (add cost of ammo)

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