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Griffin Armament Revolution 45 Silencer MOD3


Griffin Armament Revolution 45 Silencer MOD3

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Griffin Armament Revolution 45 Silencer MOD3

The Revolution 9 and 45 silencers were first to market with the modular length feature concept. The removable booster extension allows the user to configure the length of the suppressor to fit their needs. The silencer is user serviceable ensuring long, high performance service life. The front caps can be interchanged for smaller calibers with 9mm and 22 caliber front caps, available separately. 17-4 stainless heat treated baffles, with anti-rotation (Return To Zero) Geometry features, ensure maximum strength and sound performance. The booster assembly includes a piston for a turnkey suppressor system out of the box. Included take down tools allow for an easy and satisfying end user maintenance experience. Additional pistons, fixed barrel spacers, an integral 3 lug adapter, and fixed direct thread mounts are available to support the Revolution in any configuration the end user could desire. High quality, industry leading performance, strength, unparalleled feature functionality, build quality, and price make the Revolution a clear winner in the modular class of silencers.

The Rev 45 can also be configured into a short (K) configuration by removing the stainless black oxide external booster housing extension and collapsing the booster housing or 3 lug assembly into the silencer tube. This configuration is best used wet. By adding 5cc’s of rem oil, wire pulling gel, or some other ablative medium sound suppression can be dampened extremely well in the short configuration.

The Rev 45 is shipped in it’s full size configuration with an included .578×28 booster piston to run on your 45acp pistol barrels. However the user can swap out the included piston with other pistons for use on 40 S&W, or 9mm. Additionally our integral 3 lug 9mm QD assembly can be interfaced if desired to run on 9mm MP5’s, AR carbines, or any 9mm wearing a standard 3 lug coupler.

The Return to Zero baffles key together so that every time you disassemble the silencer and put it back together you can achieve the same baffle orientation so that your point of impact shift will remain the same negating the need to re-zero your carbine or pistol after servicing. (applicable to full size configuration)

Additionally the MOD 3 can be fitted with the Taper Mount Minimalist Blast Shield for use with Taper Mount Muzzle devices. Rev45 Mod3 starts at Serial # REV45-1030

Caliber Ratings:
Rev9 9mm full auto rated, Rev45 45acp full auto rated

Rev9 & 45, ALL configurations below 5 TO 7 ROUNDS then allow to cool to ambient temperature. – These ratings are intended for sporting (hunting) use only.

Revolution Rifle Rating
Full Size w/ K-Spacer & Mini Blast Shield
300 BLK Super 9″
5.56mm 11.5″
7.62×39 14.5″

K Configuration w/ K-Spacer & Mini Blast Shield
300BLK Sub/Super 16″
5.56mm 16″
7.62×39 16″

3 Lug K and full size
(7.62×39 for CZ527 only or firearms with regular length threads [.625″ long] )
300 BLK 8″ Sub
300 BLK 16″ Super
5.56mm 16″


.578×28 PISTON
Revolution Wrench
Front Cap take down tool

** New Revolution Tool is only included with the 3rd Generation (MOD3) of Revolution Silencers.

Diameter:    1.375″
Overall Length:    8.2″ Full size, 6.75″ (K config)
Weight:    12 ounces full config 10.5oz (short)
Materials:    17-4PH Stainless Steel and 7075 T6 Aluminum
Attachment:    booster piston, Griffin 3 Lug assemblies, direct thread adapters
DB Attenuation:    SPL:130bd(Full Length)138.5db(Short)
Finish:    Mil-Spec Type III Hardcoat Anodizing, Black Oxide, H900 Heat treat
Full Auto Rated:    Yes

17-4PH H900 heat treated baffles
Return to Zero baffle Tech
Configurable size
Piston, 3 lug mount interfaces, direct thread interfaces
Griffin Armorers Wrench Included
Fully shielded silencer tube for ease of cleaning
silencer pouch Included
.578×28 booster piston Included
Lifetime Warranty

Griffin product details can be found here

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