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Griffin Armament Resistance 9 Silencer


Griffin Armament Resistance 9 Silencer

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Griffin Armament Resistance 9 Silencer

Resistance® silencers are best suited for users that desire a premium fixed length pistol suppressor with best in class materials, quality, performance, strength, and mounting options.  This line of fixed-length silencers offer the best possible quality at the best possible price.

Resistance® silencers are user serviceable ensuring long, high performance service life. The front caps can be interchanged on the Resistance® 9 & 45 models for the smaller, .22 caliber or 9mm front caps. 17-4 stainless steel, heat treated, patent pending, ECO-FLOW™ baffles, with anti-rotation features, ensure maximum strength and sound performance as well as reduced gas blow back on semi-auto or full-auto firearms vs traditional designs. Included take down tools allow for an easy and satisfying end user maintenance experience.


  • Silencer tube body
  • ECO-FLOW™ baffle assembly
  • 9mm front cap
  • Boost assembly (retainer, spring, o-ring & housing) CAM-LOK® Piston not included
  • Multi-Function wrench
  • Front Cap tool
  • Branded Griffin pouch
  • Manual

Current Generation Resistance Suppressors feature 7075 billet aluminum tube housings which are extremely strong. As such we are able to rate our pistol suppressors for many high pressure rifle calibers for sporting use. (sporting use by our definition is 5-7 rounds of fire followed by allowing the suppressor to cool back to ambient temp). This sporting use allows much more flexibility with Griffin pistol suppressors than almost any other market options. Whether target shooting or hunting, Griffin pistol suppressor durability adds a dynamic to the pistol suppressor class of products not commonly found on the market.

With Mini Blast Shield or A2 mount adapter :

  • *300 BLK Super 9″
  • *5.56mm 12.5″
  • *7.62×39 14.5″
  • *.308 WIN 18″
  • With 3 Lug mounts or Plan A:
  • 300 BLK Sub 8″
  • *300 BLK 16″ Super
  • *5.56mm 16″

Griffin product details can be found here

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