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Griffin Armament 7.62MM Direct Thread Silencer (5/8×24)


Griffin Armament 7.62MM Direct Thread Silencer (5/8×24)

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Griffin Armament 7.62MM Direct Thread Silencer (5/8×24)

The GP (General Purpose) suppressors were designed to provide the customer with a lightweight, durable, and affordable suppressor for general use. Constructed entirely of 17-4 stainless steel and utilizing our patented baffle technology, GP suppressors are both durable and high performance. Front and rear 3/4″ ( or 19mm) wrench flats provide options for traditional use or forend rail integrated applications. GP suppressors come pre-drilled with a .125″ hole for pinning to create “one stamp guns”. The GP7™ can be pinned on a barrel as short as 9.5″ The GP7™ is a .30 caliber aperture silencer rated for use up to and including .300 Remington Ultra Magnum. The GP series provides quality, engineering, construction, versatility, and affordability in one.

Every component in the GP7 is manufactured from high strength, high temperature, corrosion resistant alloys.

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