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Griffin Armament 30SD-K 7.62 GATE-LOK Silencer


Griffin Armament 30SD-K 7.62 GATE-LOK Silencer

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Griffin Armament 30SD-K 7.62 GATE-LOK Silencer

Griffin Armament’s dedication to the never-ending pursuit of providing maximum value to our customers knows no bounds. The development of the newest silencer in the Gate-Lok line is no different! The Griffin Armament 30SD-K was born from multi-level customer feedback that reported the desire for a shorter .30 caliber QD silencer.

Pursuing maximum performance, the design team incorporated Griffin Armament’s patented HEDP™ Baffle technology into the 30SD-K. The 30SD-K offers an incredible 127dB 300BLK subsonic sound signature, 136dB on 5.56mm, and 138dB on .308. The 30SD-K offers users a wide range of platform coverage from 7.62mm, 300BLK, 6.8spc, and 5.56mm using our variety of 30SD and M4SD mounts. 5.56mm firearms are supported with this suppressor via use of any of our M4SD mounts in addition to compatible A2 compensators.

The 30SD-K brings advanced CNC manufacturing, wire EDM, TIG fusion and filler rod welding, together in one full spectrum product.

Unique to Griffin QD family suppressors is it’s Gate-Lok mounting interface. The mounting system is one of the fastest on the market and accommodates USGI spec A2 compensators* (in 5.56mm) as well as Griffin’s proprietary performance rich muzzle device options.

Additionally the Gate-Lok mounting system does not suffer from the wear prone issues of ratcheting systems common to the marketplace.Our mounting system was designed to provide trouble free use. 30SD and M4SD mounts in the Gate-Lok family are precision ground to ten thousandths of an inch for minimal, repeatable and completely dependable point of impact shift. Built on years of development, the 30SD-K is the pinnacle of performance- the equal of the best competing products available anywhere in the world.

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