Cleaning Services For Your Firearms

Don’t have time? Been neglecting your guns? A clean firearm is a reliable firearm. While anyone can run a brush through a barrel and call it clean, this does not ensure the built up carbon, grease and grime are out of the smaller crevices which make your firearm operate. Stored firearms should be cleaned and oiled at least annually to prevent rusting and corrosion.

We offer two cleaning services to meet your needs. A hand cleaning service, where we do a basic tear down and clean of your firearms. We also offer a thorough deep cleaning and lubrication in our Ultrasonic cleaning system.

Whether you shoot every day, once a month or once a year, our cleaning service will ensure you can depend on your firearm when you need it.

Handgun Pistol Cleaning.jpeg

Handgun Cleaning

Firearm is disassembled, cleaned, and oiled.

Rifle Cleaning 4.jpeg

Rifle Cleaning

Firearm is disassembled, cleaned, and oiled. Barrel is cleaned of carbon and oiled.

We use only quality bore cleaners, lubricants and patches

Ultrasonic Cleaner.png

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Firearms are first given an ultrasonic high temperature deep clean to remove all the grease and grime then a lubricant bath to reach all the firearms crevices.

Suppressor And Pistol Cleaning.jpeg

Silencer Cleaning

Recommended suppressor cleaning intervals

  • Rimfire: 500-1000 Rounds
  • Centerfire: 1000-2000 Rounds



$75 & up


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